Modelling Showreel 2017-2018


Hogwarts Express

This project was part of my university work this semester and the model was heavily based from references and I was trying to replicate the train in as much detail as possible.

The Hogwarts Express was modelled in Maya. All Aspects completed by me.

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Leo’s Bedroom

This was a part of a group project we worked on as a class. My primary roles were Modelling & UV Unwrapping, although, I did do some texturing and lighting here and there.

Assets not modelled by me:

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Guitar Project

This was a personal project that I completed over a weekend. All modelling was done by me.

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M4 Assault Rifle

Like with the train this project was a part of my university work and was heavily based from references.

All Aspects were done by me. Modelled & UV Unwrapped in Maya, sculpted in ZBrush for extra details and baked in Substance Painter.

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Dumpster Crushing Super Powers

All aspects were done with me.

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