Graduation Modelling Reel

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It’s crazy to think how fast these last 3 years at uni have gone, and it’s not long now and it’ll all be over, which kinda sucks as it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met some great people!

Here’s a reel of some of the modelling work I’ve been creating over the last few months. Just a few more tweaks here and there and I’ll be done and dusted.


Hogwarts Express

This project was part of my university work this semester and the model was heavily based from references and I was trying to replicate the train in as much detail as possible.

The Hogwarts Express was modelled in Maya. All Aspects completed by me.

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Leo’s Bedroom

This was a part of a group project we worked on as a class. My primary roles were Modelling & UV Unwrapping, although, I did do some texturing and lighting here and there.

Assets not modelled by me:

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Guitar Project

This was a personal project that I completed over a weekend. All modelling was done by me.

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M4 Assault Rifle

Like with the train this project was a part of my university work and was heavily based from references.

All Aspects were done by me. Modelled & UV Unwrapped in Maya, sculpted in ZBrush for extra details and baked in Substance Painter.

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Dumpster Crushing Super Powers

All aspects were done with me.

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